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Who is PerkettPR

Ninety-nine percent of what PR agencies do is done on the telephone, the computer, the fax machine, or in the clients office. We don’t need to pay rent to someone else and commute to an office in order to do any of that. You have to keep in mind that CEOs and marketing executives are often on the road-at least as many days of each month as they are in-house. Virtual communication is a must in any case, which makes the concept of a virtual PR staff much easier for [clients] to grasp.” Ragan’s PR Intelligence, November 9, 1998.

PerkettPR is a virtual PR agency-a flexible organization dedicated to generating strategic and creative solutions for clients. What does this mean to you?

Quality and Innovation

Traditional PR firms are typically structured as a hierarchy with talented communications professionals quickly moving up the ranks, only to manage politics, staff and budgets, rather than leveraging their experience understanding the press and the flux of the market. They spend years building press relationships but once promoted to the managerial level, those relationships are rarely maintained on behalf of clients.

At PerkettPR, each team member works across the board for clients, from maintaining and leveraging years of analyst and media relations to providing proven tactics and strategy to writing valuable press materials. You wont see a senior level executive disappear after the first meeting. You’ll hear from him or her, and the rest of your team, on a daily and weekly basis. We leverage our expertise at every level to ensure the core of our business: our clients’ success.


As a virtual agency, lower overhead costs result in significant client savings compared to traditional high tech PR agencies, all with the benefit of knowing your account is in the hands of veteran PR professionals. In addition, PerkettPR brings superior talent to companies who want better PR at a more affordable price.


Just as we are flexible with clients, we are flexible with our employees. Our clients receive the highest level of productivity and consistent, responsive account teams-our model of working results in increased efficiency and worker satisfaction. As a result, we experience very low turnover. Our satisfied, dedicated staff is unaffected by burnout often associated with the more traditional corporate environment.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our team is flexible-working anywhere, anytime. We work with clients on projects as well as long-term commitments. We don’t sell a template program; we work with you to identify what components are right for your company at its current lifecycle.

Our team is quickly and infinitely scalable-your account team can expand on demand, as needed.